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@MATT69AC (335)
United States
June 28, 2012 4:36pm CST
What is the best article writing website? I love writing articles and currently I use Triond but I dont earn much from it. I would like to earn more from my writings. So can you give me a good place to write articles for. I want the place to pay pretty good and be legit.
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29 Jun 12
I suggest you to sign up with knoji. They have many ways of earning in that site. You can do snap shot, write articles, make a review and answer questions. They pay on time and most of the articles there are so interesting. You can learn also from the articles written in the site and they don't have limits on how many articles you want to submit as long as it passed their requirements.
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@shira0524 (483)
• United States
29 Jun 12 pays. I am making about $750 a month there right now, but you have to be a GOOD writer to keep your rating up.
@jaderamirez (1031)
• Philippines
29 Jun 12
I would recommend Knoji because they pay high and on time. Please do not write on Expertscolumn because they are scam and they won't pay you for your hard work. They will use your articles and when its time to cashout they will delete your account.
@vastari (331)
• Ireland
28 Jun 12
I used to use Triond a lot, but lately their payments have seemed to decrease. I get the same amount of views I used to, but I make a lot less money. I've since switched to Knoji, where I make a lot more money. Knoji is a great website for making money, and they offer loads of article assignments which help you earn a bonus amount for your articles.
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