Do You Think Money Really Changes People?

United States
June 28, 2012 8:14pm CST
I have a friend who is a Doctor now. We had fun when we were kids, and she always said that is what she would do. She seems to act weird though now that she has reached her professional goals. I just wish she was still the same and sweet chick she use to be.
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• China
29 Jun 12
Well, this is a lasting topic.I really deem it is peole's attitude to money that counts if he or she will be happy,rather than the sum of poeple's money.
@BabyCheetah (1913)
• Australia
29 Jun 12
Yeah my ex did that. Once he got a promotion and was earning lots of money he turned into a snob. All he did was talk about himself and his job, didn't care about anyone else and thought he was just better than everyone. So a majority of people that were his friends are now obviously not. He doesn't have many friends now I wouldn't think as he's a horrible person.
@kenshin2143 (1882)
• Philippines
29 Jun 12
Its a big yes! Although there are some who tends to be who they used to be, but generally, people do change when they got a lot of money already. I am just a student and just have my allowance for spending purposes. I tend to budget when I have less while excessive spending when I have more. People tend to be very attached to their money forgetting all the necessary things to be happy which are love, respect, sympathy to others, helping and many more.
• Liechtenstein
29 Jun 12
Your post reminds me of my uncle. He's a good person and also quite religious. But then when he became rich, he had forgotten those who had helped him and supported him. And he became not so religious anymore.
@bLadeee (403)
• Philippines
29 Jun 12
yes, money can change the way of a person live but you can't tell it in your state since she may have a different reason on why she change maybe for the better (for her profession) or it could be her environment where she met different kind of people that influence her. There are many ways on why a person change, not only because of money even though it is very powerful but not all the time it can affect a person's life. Every person has the right to change his/her self while growing up.
@bjc66bjc (6745)
• United States
29 Jun 12
hi surveychick, yes I do think that money do change people, some a lot more than others.especially people who think money means high class,,,there are some people who you would know they were as financially stable as they are,,,But most people have no problem exposing themselves as a wealthy. I think a person who makes it should not give there friends there backside ..its not real friends who do that...But you should not expect a doctor to not change...they are in a entire different enviroment but she still could be your friend...