Getting lost in California

@dansazz (1059)
United States
June 29, 2012 5:21am CST
I must have a habit of getting lost in big cities. This is another story of me getting lost. It was the second or third time I ever went to visit my son, I can't remember which. I had been taking the bus for two days straight, and I was so tired I couldn't stay awake. I fell asleep somewhere around Oakland or something, and when I woke up I asked someone next to me where we were. They said "San Jose, this is San Jose." I had missed the stop where I was suppose to get off, and the bus was leaving the city. I freaked out and got up, someone yelled at the bus driver telling them I needed to get off. This is when I was most thankful for not putting any bags under the bus. I had a fear of that, so I carried everything on with me. They opened the bus, dropped me off in the middle of the city, and took off. I had no idea at all where I was, and I had two heavy bags I was carrying. I wandered around for about an hour, trying to stay calm. Thankfully it was daytime. I finally came across some payphones. I looked up a taxi service in the phone book and called them, I gave them my location, based on road signs, and they said they would be there soon. So I stood in front of a Walgreen's for about a half hour waiting. They finally arrived, and I gave them the address of where I was going. The driver spoke very poor English, but managed to get me there. He drove very slow, stopping at every light, if it was green he would slow down until it turned red. He was running the meter up. I finally got there and ended up paying over $20 and it wasn't that far. Then I tipped a dollar and was very happy to not be lost any more. My sons mom was angry with me because I didn't show up when they went to pick me up. I explained everything. Her Aunt said I did good, she was mad at me for even being there at all. But I didn't care. This was an interesting experience, and I'm glad it worked out.
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@maximax8 (28234)
• United Kingdom
12 Jul 12
It was a shame that you lost your way in California. I feel that traveling by train it is easier to know where you are going because you can read the station names. Traveling by bus can be a nightmare if you are not familiar with the bus route. It was lucky you got in the cab and found your way back. I know it is uncomfortable traveling with heavy bags and bothersome when you loose your way. I visited Colombia in 2011 and have a vegan diet. I didn't find very big supermarkets in the center of Santa Martha. I took a taxi inland to the biggest supermarket to find some vegan food. I got a few bags of shopping and came out to find another taxi. The taxi driver didn't understand much English and was confused about where I wanted to go. I thought it was just two blocks from the sea so it wasn't all that difficult. He charged a reasonable amount and got there eventually.