travel sickness

June 29, 2012 7:36am CST
every time when I want go to somewhere, and when it take a long journey, it will better if we choose airplane as our transportation. But its a big problems for, since I get headache and feels travel sickness. I always drink some medicine first before i traveling, so i never enjoying the trip. What a big mess
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@maximax8 (29023)
• United Kingdom
29 Jun 12
Since I went to Kenya in my mid 20s I have had a pair of ear planes in my ears when I go on a plane. They stop my ear pain and feeling travel sick on the plane. They cost around five pounds so are worthwhile but not too expensive. I always buy a pair before a trip and they last for a return flight. I get travel sick on a bus or in a car if I read whilst going along. Therefore I don't read on a moving bus or a in traveling car. I look out of the window in the daylight hours. After dark until it is time for sleep it is challenging. I went on lots of long coach journeys in South America on my last trip. I get sea sick on a ferry when the sea is rough with bouncing waves. I try to look out at sea and not inside the ferry. I keep something hard next to my tummy. I have tried wearing pressure bands on my wrists and these have assisted me. I feel totally well traveling by train. Good luck.