I'd really like to surprise my boyfriend at his graduation...

United States
June 29, 2012 7:30pm CST
I've been thinking lately about how I wish I could surprise my boyfriend. In my letters, I've already told him I have a plane ticket and hotel to come see him when he graduates from army boot camp. But I'd really like to somehow surprise him. I almost want to tell him that I can't come to his graduation because of school or work or something and then show up on his graduation as originally planned. I'd feel really bad doing that because I'm sure he'd be really disappointed and I don't want him to feel sad, especially on his big day. But if I surprised him with that he'd be ecstatic and the look on his face would be priceless. So far that's the only way I've come up with that I could surprise him. Do you have any other ideas of what I could do?
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• Philippines
7 Jul 12
Your plan is cute but it is not 100% healthy. For you would hurt his feelings. You already said that you will come, so he would expect. Try different ways, such as baking him a cake, draw a picture of him, make a poem dedicated for him, make a scrapbook of your love story, bring him to a romantic place, cook a delicious food ( particularly his favorite dish) There are many ways to surprise your love one. One just have to use his/her creative minds in doing so. Goodluck on your surprise!
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7 Jul 12
I decided I'm not going to try and surprise him by telling him I'm not coming. His dad probably won't be coming and I know he's a little upset about that and I wouldn't want to hurt him more by saying I can't come either. I'll probably bring him a few things, but it wouldn't be a major surprise like me just showing up at his graduation without knowing.
@Kish2328 (71)
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30 Jun 12
For me, I don't think its a good idea to surprise him that way because it would hurt his feelings in some ways. Its like playing with his feelings (although you never meant to) and who knows, if he learned that you couldn't make it (as if) their might be other incident that would happen. He will be just as ecstatic and it would be priceless for him still by just you showing up on his special event. If you want, you could bring little gifts that may surprise him still.