Is The Customer Always Right?

June 30, 2012 6:25pm CST
I've worked in several customer service positions and we were always told during training that "the customer is always right". I understand the concept but it's a lie. I think you can provide good customer service and let him/her know they are wrong. I've never told anyone they were wrong, but boy have I wanted to. What are your thoughts?
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@riempie9 (1026)
• South Africa
16 Sep 12
A customer is not right all the time. You are taught to say this as it has been ingrained in you and all that it is is that the business owner does not want to put off customers and lose business. Some customers are just plain belligerent and push service people around. Sometimes the servers are more rude than the people who buy from them. Still, do not make a fuss in the check-out line but speak to the business owner.
• United States
22 Aug 12
The customer is not always right. The premise to that is that stores would rather make one person happy then for them to tell 50 of their closest friends or on in the internet how bad their service was even if they were in the wrong. Businesses fight too hard to get the consumers thru the door they'll do what it takes to keep their business even if they have to take a loss. As I said bad publicity from an unhappy customer is worth doing what you can do within reason to make them happy. I've told one person that I can think in a round about sorta way... how did you wash it? it says by hand.... and then just return or exchange it. Sadly I'll say all this bending over for people is one of the reasons wages in retail and restaurants are so low.
@lifes97 (885)
• United Arab Emirates
29 Jul 12
they say so but of courese they are not always right and i hate this thing if im a staff and i like it if im getting things, so not sure if i like the rule or not but i guess and hope they will not be so stuborn about this more strickt rule
@kingparker (9698)
• United States
29 Jul 12
In my part time job, the manager lady always told us the customer is always right, and we have to do whatever we can to make them satisfied. I understood it, and I always try to do my best to serve them, and meet their expectation. But in some situation, from what I saw, she made mistakes from the customers, she curse the customers behind their back, and told us she never wrong, it was the customer's fault. So, What kind of role model is that manager?
• Philippines
1 Jul 12
No, i mean not in all cases. First and for all, the one who gives the service really know the whole process and nature of the specific service. A customer can only be absolutely right when it comes to preference issues.. And that's why, our bosses would say to hear our customers' voices.
• United States
1 Jul 12
In a past more honest world maybe this was the case but there are so many people now who are just trying to get away with something. I think this saying has started being taken to literally by many people. I do however believe if a customer complaint can be handled to where they are happy with the result and no loss is taken that it should be done. I can't say that I have ever told a customer they were wrong. I have however told them that I disagree, which lets face it is probably just a nicer way of saying you are wrong.
@BabyCheetah (1913)
• Australia
1 Jul 12
I agree. I worked in customer service for 5 years and a lot of the time it is the customers fault. They breach their contracts, don't read and don't learn from their mistakes even after we have already showed them a gesture of good will as a once off. So no the customer is not always right but they seem to think so and think they can get away with things by lying. I think this saying has encouraged bad behaviours from people. I'm not saying to not give them anything if they have an issue but we shouldn't be giving them everything when they are wrong and the head offices and ombudsmans and all these other places you can make formal complaints to shouldn't give in so easily when they can see a breach of contract or when a customer is wrong!
• Canada
30 Jun 12
I too have worked many customer service jobs. I currently work for a local taxi commpany in toronto as an order taker. I agree with you! The customer is not always right, and I have spoke my mind to afew customers. I am sure if I was working anywhere else I would have been fired, but thankfully I have a boss with common sence in mind. Some people need to be told the truth. On the other hand I do like my job and the people I work with. So I do *try* to keep my mouth shut and just be as nice as possible.