i have a minus eyes sight. how?

July 1, 2012 10:26pm CST
i have a minus eyes sight, the problems is, i shpuld use an eye glasses when i take a picture. Use a pocket camera is not so difficult when wearing glasses, but when using a DSLRs camera, it really difficult. How to fix this problems? should i release my eyeglasses? thanks for the advice
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• Philippines
9 Jul 12
i am a slt user and i am wearing glasses too. the thing is it's really hard somethings to look in you viewfinder with the glasses on. so do i take it off? No, i never did... not even once. why it's because i am training myself. it's just getting used to. i know that it's really hard to shoot that way... sometimes i even shoot blind... shoot blind meaning i have no clue if it's on focus or not... so i just take what i get and if it's blurry well i try again. i am currently on macro photography and sharpness and details are very important and crucial to me... having imperfection doesn't mean that you will not succeed it's just one way to challenge oneself to do better next time if you still have a chance. i am rejected to a group of macro photographer due to the fact that some of my works are not really as dazing as theirs... i lack sharpness and details and if not sometimes the composition is sacrifice due to the fact that i try my best to focus my tiny subject... so it's like saying i focus my energy on the technical side that the magic was lost... i have become a snapper and not a photographer. my photos becomes flat (magic was lost) but when the time that i start to let go and say "to hell with focus" it's when i start making photographs again. i found my magic... i found my way. some of the photographs that i post at facebook has lack focus and i find it just right because i tell a different story, another side of the subject. try to look for my photos at facebook my username is luntian grace tagaamihan and out of the box...
• Indonesia
10 Jul 12
yes, the glasses make its hard to shoot .. maybe need more practice