What you feel about India?

July 2, 2012 2:40am CST
Have you ever visited India or are you planning to come India. What's make you to love visiting India?
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@maximax8 (28570)
• United Kingdom
2 Jul 12
I have a friend that comes from India and she has told me lots of lovely things about it. It is interesting on wonderful My Lot to hear about India sometimes in some of the discussions. I am very keen on traveling to different countries and one day I am happy to go to India in the future. I would like to fly into Delhi and then travel around India by train. I am especially interested in seeing the wildlife, the people, the building and the coastline. I am sure to adore exciting India with all its special sights.
@suni51 (2991)
• India
2 Jul 12
You should chalk out your program finally Maximax. I know you love visiting Australia, so do I but you would really find it fascinating once you landed here in India. You see you shall never get such deals at so low prices any where in the world. With every thing as good and beautiful as they come.
• India
7 Jul 12
You are welcome to come India and realize the real beauty of God creation! Living in New Delhi, I would like to welcome you whenever you reach here.
@Zhizho (1352)
• Indonesia
10 Jul 12
I have no visit India yet and have no friends from India. But about India, I like movie, song and clothes from India. I know names some famous movie stars. Amitabachan, hemamalini, rishi kapoor, amrish puri, sharukh khan, salman khan, hritrik roshan, kajol, karishma and kareena kapoor and many others. most of my family love watching India movie.
@veganbliss (3901)
• Adelaide, Australia
7 Jul 12
Welcome to MyLot. No, I haven't visited India before & I'm not sure I'd like to. We don't hear many good things in our media about India. The latest religious riots have made travelling there unappealing recently. I'm not sure how much India has changed in recent times, but I'm put off by all the medical innoculations against everything under the sun needed before setting foot in the country. I'm also worried about the level of hygeine there & that I'm almost certain to get deathly ill if I ever make it out of there alive. I'm also concerned about all the beggars that mob us everywhere we go & if we give a penny to one, the rest press us even closer. I do admire the culture & the people from afar though & I know many good Indian people. Actually, I figure that if I wait just a little longer, all of India will soon come to us! Indian migration here has increased 100% from the last count - the highest percentage increase from any other nation was China, which increased a further 50% from the last count. There is already many areas here with a strong Indian culture established & one need not travel far to get from one Indian store to another here.
@vinay049 (1839)
• India
6 Jul 12
Being an Indian,i can tell you i love my country very much..There are many things which need to be solved and corrected but one should also look towards the positive..we are force that is already recognized at world level...Indians are everywhere in world and India has produced many brilliant Industrialist,scientists,doctors etc..And about places to be visited,i have traveled to almost whole india except Kashmir that will be my next destination..its amazing to see different cultures and their kind of living etc..
@desiree91 (515)
• Malaysia
5 Jul 12
I feel sorry for the level of poverty in India. But I do think India is unique in its own way and I have this random notion that Indian doctors are really talented. Is that true? :)
@Austina (92)
• Philippines
4 Jul 12
If I would visit India, the reason that I will be there is to see and experience their culture. India has so much to share about their culture which is different from the others.
@Lorden (348)
• South Africa
2 Jul 12
I have not visited India yet, but it's one of the places on my list of places I'd like to visit one day when I can afford to travel all around the universe. I think it's a place of love, and a love of labor, and of beautiful textiles. That's about all I fathom about it so far. I would have to visit it to really get the essence of it.
@else22 (4319)
• India
2 Jul 12
I am an Indian,so I should not have responded to your post.Still I am responding to it to express my feelings about my country.I love my country immensely,but I sometimes feel ashamed see that we Indians don't feel proud to use our own languages in education,governance,judicial matters and commerce etc.Hindi is our national language,but besides Hindi we have many languages that are rich.If some of us Indians are against Hindi,then why not declare any other language of our country the national language?India is the only country in the world that does not respect its own languages.