Why woman are better informants

Pasay, Philippines
July 2, 2012 11:38am CST
A son asked his mother, "Why are wedding dresses white?" She replied, "It shows your friends and relatives that the bride is pure." Then the son went and asked the same question of his father. "All household appliances come in white," said his father. --- Great job, dad! Sometimes guys wouldn't want to make their answers too complicated, so they tend to make it goofy as it seems. Great for us women, in everything we do; we tend to make or take it seriously. Great educators as some may see us; and also a loving mothers to in the future :) Happy mylotting, woman ^___^-)
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@lampar (7597)
• United States
2 Jul 12
Because they are a far superior whisperers compare to men in general, not even mention about those gossips going around all the time.
• Indonesia
2 Jul 12
because a women have a better taste in fashion/style,not like most a men most of all men have a simple mind about a thing
• Indonesia
2 Jul 12
btw i like your user name...kurapika,coolest "girl..?" on HxH
@leighz (457)
5 Jul 12
If I were the son, I would probably say "Dad stay away from weeds" and we'll have a good laugh at it. We women tends to make sure that we provide an explanation that makes sense, especially if it's our own kids who are asking.