myLot's problems - how have they affected you?

@jerzgirl (8030)
Gloucester City, New Jersey
July 2, 2012 11:21pm CST
I've been able to start discussions and read people's responses to my discussions, but I am unable to comment on those responses or access anything on my home page. I cannot see discussions started by my friends unless I click from the emails I receive (thank goodness). Now, I've had comments left on my responses, but I haven't been able to leave any. The error I get says This webpage has a redirect loop. Has anyone else had that error? What kinds of problems are you having? I live in New Jersey where one of their servers was that was damaged because of a storm over the weekend. Maybe some of those who have commented on my responses are connected through other servers and that's why they can respond. I don't know. I'm just curious what kinds of things are happening besides the things I'm seeing. (THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT - I AM MERELY CURIOUS) because I've never experienced problems here before. I appreciate their giving us more credit for our efforts because of the problems, so I know they are really trying to get things back online.
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