tadpole - 07032012

July 3, 2012 9:03am CST
1. Are there things at work I take for granted but without these things my life would be less abundant? Friends. I have always taken people for granted. I approach life with a no nonsense attitude. Work is work. Play is play. I take for granted the friends I have at work and how good they make me feel. Just being around them and listening to their bantering is enough to give me some form of happiness. 2. Are there times I am doing one thing and already thinking about the next, thereby losing all that the present moment has to offer? I try to keep everything scheduled. My day starts and ends with a schedule of activities. The only time this is derailed is when deadlines aren't met and I have to readjust the timeline for future tasks. The things I usually think about during the course of the day are lesson plans and programs on how to improve the skills of the people around me. I’ve always believed in the idea of surrounding myself with competent people. I am content being in the background. The problem is, I always come across wrong. So I end up thinking about how to be more diplomatic or in worse case scenarios, pacify them. Or I just shut up and continue on my way. 3. Are there people who serve me everyday whom I don’t really see and without them, much of what we take for granted would come to a halt? I hope not. I have always tried to be accessible to the people I work with directly. They are my biggest investment and the only people at work that truly matter to me. Even though I struggle with social interactions and meeting people, I know I have to do it. It sometimes comes off as clumsy but everyday I strive to motivate myself to improve.
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