He ate the whole chicken.

July 3, 2012 9:54am CST
Yesterday I decided to marinade and roast a whole chicken so that we have something for dinner but my husband asked me if I can cook the chicken early because he is a little bit hungry. So I put the whole chicken in the oven and roast it, then I go to the supermarket to buy some vegetables and fruits. Since many customer in the supermarket and the line was so long its takes an hour before I arrived home. I am very supprised when I saw my husband eating in the kitchen and he ate the whole chicken because he is very hungry and he said its very delicious. Bad thing I never have a chance to taste my roasted chicken since that's was my first experiment roasted chicken recipes and I dont even know what the taste like. Anyway I still have the recipes and still know the procedure maybe I can make it again this coming weekend. How about you my dear fellow mylotters? Have you experience to cook for your love onces that they really love it and eat all of it? Did you ever try to experiment recipes and turn out very delicious? Please share with us?
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