I love making extra money on clixsense

July 3, 2012 5:33pm CST
Everyday I open my PTC accounts and not always a good day because some do not give me more ads. Anyway the one that is better is Clixsense,because most of the time I open it there is for sure ads to click. I just do not do their offers and task coz I think its not worth it. There are times that I click ads worth 0.01 and this is seen five times a day, well not bad.
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@akp100 (13358)
• India
4 Jul 12
Hi If you are not going for tasks and offers then surely you are missing.. They are surely worthy.. I have made 1 or 2$ many times just in one hour work. They are surely good for boosting our earning their. Even offers are good. I have completed offer 5 time in which I just spend 10 minutes and make 0.83$... which is surely worthy.. So yes clixsense is quite good for me , but i suggest you to go for tasks and offers too. They are more worthy.
• India
23 Jul 12
Anand, i know you are an active member there. Are you upgrade your account with this site? i am a free member there, does they have any limits in getting referrals for free members? How many referrals do you have with this site?
@marguicha (103730)
• Chile
23 Jul 12
I like clixsense so much that some months ago I upgraded, in part with the money I had there, in part using some money from payza that it would be difficult for me to cashout. I have already earned all I spent: I´m way over $15 there. I dson´t bother to cashout because I´m playing a sort of race with neobux about which site is best. Both are awesome. Now I´m exchanging 2 sites for one in both of them as they have proven to be so good. That way, I hope I´ll get more active referrals.
@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
4 Jul 12
Well it is good somehow.I did got to payout as of now since I joined it later last year.But since I joined mylot, I do enjoy much here but still opening my account in clixsense and trying to do task once in awhile to earn more.