health is wealth.

@neerruu (134)
July 4, 2012 8:05am CST
to gain something you have to lose something. this is my motto to keep me motivated for workout every alternate day.sometimes i hate it but still i do it because i know how much it is beneficial to our body. i do atleast 20 minutes of exercise even on my worst day. and on a normal day it varies from 1-1.5 hr . recently i bought two 8 kg dumbbells. yes i am a self trainer and i really enjoy it. 15 minutes of stretching then 120-150 push ups ( 30 at a time, can't do more than that) then back or triceps , biceps or anything at last crunches then a 15 minute rest then a cold water shower. what about you guys?? post your home workouts guys. cheers and thank you,
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@Chikezie (386)
• Malaysia
4 Jul 12
It is a well known axiom but how is it being in this life that the demand in the 21st century is making it that we are not exercising or even eating good quality food because no time to prepare good home-made food. I think that the way people live their lives these days, the axiom now reads "Wealth is Health.". I love exercise but I cannot tell you when last I exercised. I love swimming for least 30 minutes because I flex all my body parts. Jogging also with someone is also very refreshing to me. I want to get back to swimming.
• Kochi, India
4 Jul 12
How are you? Neerruu?? Whats the need of workouts?I am very lean,I don't eat meat or egg,I don't have any extra calorie in my tank to be wasted.I eat to survive,(energy efficient). Its not wise to eat and workout to maintain 'figure',its wastage of energy,conserve energy.. Neerruu,please become energy efficient like me:).
@joevanosa (303)
• Philippines
4 Jul 12
i really wanna do exercise but i can't do it home. i mean it doesn't motivates me to workout. i want to go to the gym but i can't afford to pay the registration though. so im here, home. stuck doing nothing but checking mylot.
@inu1711 (5288)
• Romania
4 Jul 12
I envy you because you are persistent with your home workout. I tried many times to create a workout schedule, but I never respected that schedule. My "workout" is walking the dog. I do this for three or four hours a day and this keeps me fit. But I wish I could be persistent with a schedule of home workout. At least a few exercises for abdomen would help.