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July 4, 2012 8:54am CST
Hi, me and my girlfriend live like 300 km away from each other. So we meet less than we want. But when that happens it is so dam good feeling. We go out and walk for few hours, and talk talk talk, laufgh laugh laugh and, of course kiss kiss kiss. These moments are very special to us. Even though we chat and talk through phone. I wanted advice from you, how to make these special moments even more special. We are very young,and meet each other like one or two times in 3 month. Cheers :)
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@kdnater (135)
• India
5 Jul 12
It is very difficult to live away from love . Why not you get married ?
• Latvia
12 Jul 12
Oh ypu just make me laught. We both have only 18 years. And marrige is such big and important step. We need to finish our schools and get work, and maybe then think about it. But anyway thanks for your advice :)
• United States
4 Jul 12
Just try to keep up that connection, even when you can't be together. Talk on the phone, text, email or whatever and just let her know you're thinking of her. It also helps to tell her how your days go because it feels like the two of you aren't missing out on each others' lives. My boyfriend has been gone over a month in army boot camp and I've gotten a few phone calls and letters. It's hard, but we've been together over 2 years and I found that it's pretty easy to keep up our connection. I write a short letter every day telling him what I did and that I miss him and love him. When I get a letter from him, I send him all the letters that I've written. He's super busy in boot camp so he writes a letter every few days but I still write every day just so he has something to read and he feels like he's still close to me.
• Philippines
4 Jul 12
How sweet ! Idol ! so sweet :D
• Philippines
4 Jul 12
Hi! Im also into a long distance relationship, and just like what you said, it was damn good feeling. when you see each other, It is magical, probably because you seldom see each other, you miss each other so much, the longings is there. But in this type of love, of course, there are problems to be faced, temptations to be encountered. So what should you do. First, stick to each others mind that you have a relationship with someone. Second, Do everything to keep in contact with each other, Third, Never let the love or (how should I say this, can't express it) "kilig"/twitterpatted/giddy/ (i am not sure) fade away. Then never forget to have trust. Maintaining trust is the hardest to achieve. Well, that was for me. Maybe you have your own Hardest to achieve. Have a nice day.