I am just loving my new flat now!

July 4, 2012 6:29pm CST
It is so hard to find the right flat, very difficult to find the ideal. You just have to compromise on things. It is not easy to have all you want, well if you the money then why not. I must say, I have found the right one for me. Yeah, it is not so near the area where I work but I got 80 percent of what I have always wanted in my mind. it just feels so good to come home to a place I like and would always be excited to be home after a long day's work. I mean, we stay more in our houses most of the time and I guess it adds to our productivity if we go home to a place we like.
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@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
5 Jul 12
It is really great to live in a place that is ideal for you so that you can enjoy the place and always at peace.Nice that you already found the flat that you have wanted and enjoy living with it.
@chiyosan (30206)
• Philippines
5 Jul 12
Ah yeah, that is a very good factor when you think of it. most of our free time, we spend it on our homes and the least is for us to feel so happy and at ease when we are there. It is good that you have found the right place for you! =)
• India
5 Jul 12
very very congratulation to you for your new lovely flat. ya tiawanlife it is true that finding a right flat is difficult .
• United States
4 Jul 12
I agree with you for sure here. I have to give up my washing machine to move in my new place. But,they are giving me a dish washer so I made out good either way. I am moving to a really great apartment I don't want for nothing more. I am moving the end of this month.