I find it really hard to adjust in my new schedule.

July 5, 2012 8:36am CST
So hi there myLotters. It's been a while...I wasn't able to update my account here or participate in any discussion at that, for the last few weeks. It's been hard in school, all the major subjects and even the minor subject professors had been going hard on us too. *sigh* I'm an afternoon shift, my classes usually start at 1 pm and ends at 8:30, so when I get home from school I'm really jaded and beat. My previous 2 years in college isn't this hard, I guess this is what it takes to be a junior college student. I even mess up some of my quizzes and I don't really like those flukes at all. It's really hard to find time to spend for reviewing and studying because I would usually wake up late because my body feels so heavy and tired, and the night before is usually worse, so I have little to not time at all do some advance reading and all. I couldn't even draw anymore...*sob* I'm sorry that I had to put this here, I know it's not really worth your time reading this, I just want a place where I could say all of this. *sigh* I really should learn a new and good time management.
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@reploid (1241)
• France
13 Aug 12
You are right :) it is not that fun to read this. Just want you to know that if things are hard at school, it's only momentary. You will enjoy freedom at it's best once this will be over. Just be patient and try not to think too much, and think positively when you are at school. Try to make the hours you spend at school fun.
@ECH107 (108)
• Austria
5 Jul 12
Sometimes I have to screw up my sleep habits and 2nd time to get back to the normal sleep pattern that fit my schedule. For example, if I stay out too late on the weekends, I will be used to sleeping in later as well. Maybe forgoing sleep for one night is the only answer. Sounds painful, but it has to be done. lol