Learn while you sleep...

@jsae29 (1122)
July 5, 2012 8:38pm CST
U.S. researchers suggest sleeping can help us remember things we have just learnt. Report says that a 90-minute nap can help people learn a new skill. If you were learning how to speak in a foreign language during the day, for example, and then tried to reactivate those memories during sleep, perhaps you might enhance your learning. This is awesome. Can you believe this research? Do you think sleeping enhances learning? Have you tried this before? Does it work?
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@stanley777 (7177)
• Philippines
6 Jul 12
With your example of one's learning to speak in a foreign language, I don't know how we can possibly reactivate what we have learnt if we are sleeping.Since we are sleeping I think our mind and body is in the state of resting. I don't know my understanding is, if we have slept and rested for awhile our body reflexes becomes very sharp same with our memory retention.
• India
6 Jul 12
Definitely sleeping enhances learning.no doubt in that.Any person with continuous learning will get tired but if he sleep for just 30 minutes or more and again study the concept he can understand it quickly and he will never forget it.While sleeping, our mind is in alpha stage.So after wokeup from bed our mind is in clear state and be ready to do any task with eagerly.We can find freshess in our mind and body itself.Good sleep always helpful to finish any task quickly.While studying any concept if we take some note of that topic it is very useful to recall the whole concept of the note.
@flamez3r0 (319)
• Puerto Rico
6 Jul 12
Hello :D. I'm not sure about the sleeping thing to enhance learning, but I know that being tired makes it harder to learn stuff. So maybe its all in avoiding fatigue that would make you forget what you have learned during the day. However during college I studied before sleeping if I wasn't too tired and I did ok, so maybe the research has certain truth in it :D.