those voice activated gadgets just gives me a headache

@hotsummer (10449)
July 5, 2012 8:49pm CST
there is new invention or gadget where we can talk on it on give us some guide while we are driving. we can ask where to go or where to buy some things. we just talk to this gadget it will answer back and ask us want we want to do or know so he can display the results on the tablet like screen. it may be a cool gadget, but i think if i have may own car and can afford this one, i think i won't buy that one. because it feels weird. although before i do love those new inventions. but i think this one was meant to save time but i feel it is just a waste of time to buy this one. the voice is quite weird. i don't like the sound of it every time it talks. sometimes because we want to save more time and so invent a lot of things that we actually spend more time in them learning how to use or just trying to use them more often because we want to get use of it for the big money we have spend on it, and so we tend to waste more time than actually save time. so for me it just defeats its purpose. so i rather do it the old way like using my mobile phone to search online if in case i have phone like that. i don't want to be more into this technology. as i think i have enough technology already. for now i am contented with the things or gadgets i have now.
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@desiree91 (515)
• Malaysia
6 Jul 12
It also breeds miscommunication. The other day I got into a car with my elder brother and he suddenly said "Time" in an authoritative tone. I thought he was asking me the time but it turned out that he was talking to his android phone. I dislike the new invention in some ways. We don't have to spend our money on every single new technology.. unless you have so much to waste.