it is frustrating when it takes ages before someone reply you on chat message

@hotsummer (10449)
July 5, 2012 10:49pm CST
like i am wondering what happened to the person on the other end. as we have some important matters we need to discuss specially when i need to know the answer fast. but i always get a valid explanation. but sometimes it gets me worried why the delay on answers because sometimes i just need some immediate answers. so like now it takes like 10 minutes before i get another reply.
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@davaome (1828)
• Philippines
6 Jul 12
People hate that about me. I tend to reply very late to txt/chat messages because usually I'm very busy and I don't really mind my surrounding while I'm in the "Zone"(working). and at times while I'm having a good conversation with someone through text, I tend to forget to reply because maybe of watching tv, or listening to a good song on the radio. They usually reply if i'm still there. and I always end up saying sorry for misconduct. BEfore my parents also tend to worry when I don't reply ASAP, I try my best to be attentive to my cellphone or even through chat but I guess I still need alot of work. On behalf of all the people who reply so late(like me) We're sorry. Happy myLotting
@med889 (5958)
6 Jul 12
I guess it is only based on the person's availability. But I also agree that it can be frustrating at times. For example, when I post a discussion here, I bear in mind that it might take me 2 days to get a good response. But same does not apply when i chat on facebook or other social media where I am quite impatient to get a reply back.
@jsae29 (1122)
• Philippines
6 Jul 12
It is really frustrating to wait for replies on chat. Like you, I've experienced waiting for almost 30 minutes before I got a reply from a customer service. I got really irritated, she should have told me to wait or ask if they can get back to me after 30 minutes. To add, they failed to give me a good answer to my query.
• India
6 Jul 12
There were many times that made much frustrated and tensed, when i don't get enough replies when i chat an important matter with them. May the reciever is busy with other doings but i want him to get the answers for my things. There were many incidents and many times for me to get late replies for my messages during those time i just used to call them but still i cannot get them on most of the instances. During those instances the only thing i can do is just keep waiting for it.