...my recent documet lists are missing

July 6, 2012 12:45am CST
I run Win 7 and I constantly use MS office in my work. I recently have a previous computer problem and I seem to be missing my recent documents list whenever I open one office application. My research tells me that it might be an application, registry or my anti-virus software. Personally, I do not have a clue. I am still smarting from my previous problems and I think my patience is stretched already. I think it might have been in the registry since I didn’t change any application. Thank for those who can help! Tried changing the number of recent documents but has no effect whatsoever
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7 Jul 12
What was your previous issues and which recent documents are missing exactly? The recent documents from your start menu or the office program? Which office program also, word?
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7 Jul 12
I had to update and install my drivers before I encountered this problem. All recent documents from all office applications are deliberately cleaned out whenever I try to reboot my computer. I would be working o a document this instant, shut the computer down and the link would disappear. I tried fumbling with the registry, with no avail. I also check my third party applications to see if they are causing this. In addition, I also done the start and properties method. I am currently scanning any malware that might be related to this issue. Also, I try to search for certain registry keys that I feel didn’t appear when I am checking out the registry. I don’t know if this is relevant but I once encountered a .systance or a side by side something that didn’t match. I shrugged it off because my application loaded successfully in my last attempt.
8 Jul 12
Have you checked the option within the MS Office applications to make sure its still selected at set at a value greater than 0? For excel for example go to the options tab, advanced, display and you should see an option for 'number of documents to display'. Can't remember the exact wording and im not on my machine with office. If its greyed out then it doesn't have admin privileges. With office version is it?
13 Jul 12
No harm could be done by trying a uninstall / reinstall. If the registry value isn't present you could always try to make that value and see if it helps fix the issue.