July 6, 2012 2:07pm CST
how can you make make your boyfriend stay in love with you until he decides that he marries you? How can you prevent your boyfriend from having another woman? And how do you keep the fire burning in the relationship?
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• Jacksonville, Florida
6 Jul 12
When my husband and I were first together we were so madly in love with each other. We still are but we both just knew we were the ones for each other and we were right. I just felt like this is it, I will not have to date anymore. I knew in my heart. When you get that feeling, it works. Yes you still have to fight for your relationship at times but it is less difficult with that person by your side. My husband and I have been through so much together. We have been homeless, gone through a miscarriage and always struggle financially. With faith and prayers we made it through all of it. We are a strong couple. The things we have been through has made us so much stronger together. To me, the key thing is open communication, love, faith, and honesty. Trust is so so important. Without trust a relationship will not work. Once you are married or in a relationship for a long time you can keep it alive and going by still doing things you would do when you were first together. Have a pillow fight, wrestle around, go on date nights, take a walk under the stars and talk...There are so many things you can do to keep a relationship of any length going... The last thing is some people cheat whether you do something wrong or not. If they cheat on you, they are not in love with you. Period, that is the way it is. They might love you in some way but they are NOT in love with you, big difference! I don't have to do anything special to keep my husband to myself. He loves me for me and he does not want anyone else.
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• Philippines
11 Jul 12
Just be a good girlfriend. Spend time with him and let him know that you love him. Don't ever change. He fell in love for the way you are so if you become a nagging girlfriend, he might leave you because you changed. Just continue to be yourself and don't forget to wait before marriage. Chastity is a very important thing for marriage. It will make your married relationship more exciting!
• Malaysia
9 Jul 12
this two opinions on strengthening our relationship 1.Develop respect - Just as we have a need for love,our boyfriend alsi have deep desire for respect. Respect dosen't mean surrender-that you must give up your right to hold a different opinion and express it. But the way you express your opinion will likely determine that your boyfriend will love you more or distance your relationship. If you consistently contradict or correct what he says, he may feel that you have little respect for him. But if you acknowledge his viewpoint and comment on what you find praise worthy,he will be more likely to accept and value your opinion.This also will deepen his love to you. 2.Don't be clingy/dominate - When a couple marry they become one flesh according to bible. At that stage of the relationship,both husband and wife give up many of the freedoms they may have had when single;really,they become committed to each other.But if you and your boyfriend not at that stage yet,you don't have to expect that level of accountability from him,nor he from you. The fact is when you recognize his right to enjoy other friends,he may become more intrigued by you and it will also strengthen his love to you. But if dosen't mean you cannot know where he is or what he doing,of course we can but we must think before ask something if not maybe we will start a small fights that can lead to big fights. *Most important is, if you are conscious of caring for both your outer beauty and your inner beauty,you will have great value in the eyes of your boyfriends. *Sorry if i mis-write,Happy mylotting (^___^)Y
@Dominique25 (9475)
• United States
8 Jul 12
Those are all very good questions. I think that when you have a mature partner and you both have love and respect for one another, putting the needs of one another ahead of your own you will want to stay in love. If you have a loving man he will not want another woman. It takes time,effort, and commitment to make any successful relationship work. Just with anything we want to improve in our life, we have to work, at it. The same goes for a relationship.
@emdjay23 (1575)
• Philippines
6 Jul 12
Hard question..I am not generalizing all the men in the world and telling that they are polygamous, each and every person has a need, a need for love, affection and understanding most specially respect. So I guess if you have a boyfriend and you want that someone to be with you forever, I think you just have to understand him, never nag or brag on any discussion but ask,ask him without doubting him or judging him. Be the best partner to him so that he'll avoid looking for someone else. Relationship succeeds if you'll put GOD first in your relationship, go to church with him, pray together. Always be there for each other, And lastly, always be the beautiful because if ever he'll leave you there will be no problem because you took care of yourself well.