Writing my NEXT SONG...

July 6, 2012 10:04pm CST
I'm just about to write my next song. What story should I write about? any request?
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@Shazooo (296)
• Malaysia
7 Jul 12
Well, i think personally that you should figure the story out yourself. But I do have some request or rather just a note to you, please do not write anymore sick love songs or broken hearted songs. Theres a lot of those kind of songs out there and I think if you come up with something different and special, you will perhaps be able to stand out in the sea of singers and perhaps be ultra famous one day. Oh and make the song catchy. LIke call me maybe, i honestly think the song is weird, but i listen to it cause it just sticks to my brain ALL THE TIME!!
8 Jul 12
Thank you Shazoo. That's something I should consider. Don't worry, your tip will be part of my method from now on and I'll let you hear the song the moment it's done, promise. Thank you and have a great time mylotting.
• Thailand
7 Jul 12
you re musician ?uhm...why dont you thinking yourself or go out to find a good place for thinking ? if you are at a beautiful place , I think you will have a source of inspiration to write ! :-)
8 Jul 12
You're right Kim. Good atmosphere breeds awesome result of composition, in fact not only in song writing.Thanks for reminding. God bless.
• Sweden
10 Jul 12
I like it when there is a twist to the story. For example Every breath you take by The Police. Sounds like a person really worshipping his love, and of course he does...but as an obsessed stalker.
@choybel (5059)
• Philippines
8 Jul 12
Maybe you could write about living in another timeline where people value nature and the world is so much greener and everybody is just so much healthier and happier.