Marijuana, should it be legal?

United States
July 7, 2012 9:34pm CST
For many years the debate has raged on over the topic whether or not marijuana should be legal or not. While some states have made it legal from a medicinal standpoint with a prescription only others have yet to allow even this form of use. Marijuana is a naturally grown plant and thus like any natural item should be taken as that. For decades Indians and other civilizations have used marijuana for recreational and ceremonial purposes. Marijuana also has medicinal uses from reversing the effects of Glaucoma to helping those dealing with MS to those with chronic pain. For those people that do need it for these purposes I believe it is needed yet the government will not make it legal to them. Some make the argument that it is a mind altering drug and thus should not be allowed for anyone to use, yet they will sit in a bar and drink a beer or have a glass of wine. Alcohol is not a natural growing substance and it does alter ones mind yet the government finds it a legal substance within the guidelines of the law. At on point in history the government did try to prohibit alcohol and this failed so they made it legal again. If used with responsibility and within the guidelines set by a government I do feel that marijuana should be made legal and then the taxes taken off the sale of marijuana could help to offset some of the Federal deficit. I know this might fly in the face of many here but as with any substance there will be abuse and unlawful use by certain people but for the most part as a whole the people will find it easier to follow the new laws allowing the use than there is now. I know many have wanted to try marijuana or have tried marijuana and seeing that it is grown naturally I do feel it is time civilization does not find fault with this and allows it to be legal. What is your thoughts and opinions on this topic?
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@verolop29 (1096)
• United States
8 Jul 12
it should! one day my tumor willall but disappear! i used to have a tumor the size of a limon. now its the size of a pea and i owe it all to marijuanna my dr gave me! we should all sign a petition telling the big guy in washington to legalize it already
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