water/jet skiing

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July 8, 2012 12:48pm CST
yesterday i got invited to go do some watersport and at first i thought i wouldn't like it but someone dared me and im the type of person that wouldn't pass up a dare! however, if it were a stupid/retarded dare then i would pass it but since it was not that kind of dare..... we went to kingsland to the dock and there they were! there was a barbeque going and drink being passed around my hubby loved it, and there was also a place for the kids to play to their hearts desire! there were also babysitters-no charge, which was supper-good! i went on my 1 water adventure and it was sooo much fun, its like riding in a motorcycle but faster and the guy i rode with the first time was sexy and that is what made me go in the first place ;) lol i didnt even drink either and we stayed the night in their cabin which was ginormaouse 19 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms and 5,000 a night stay but of coarse we didnt pay. we were the vip quests and i think its only because i blog about our summer and its because im one of their top clients. its a long story..long story short this man came into a shelter i happened to run aka manage, and he needed help so i helped him find a job i gave him shelter and food and i let him bathe...and after i fed him he left and i never saw him again. 8 yrs laters he found me at a grocery store, fixing a flat tire and he helped me put the new tire on and we talked and caught up and come to find out he's doing really good and thats when he invited me and my family over. it was..i guess his way of thanking me for what i did for him all those years ago. it was such fun.there was about 40 ppl there and they were all his friends and they told me how gratful they were about what i did. and very soon im about to become a manager at the same shelter! that was one of my most favorate jobs because everything was free. and we got to save about 20,000. im actually waiting for ruben to call me to come move to the shelter. i cooked for the homeless, and they could do their laundry, bathe and get a mean. i also housed women and children-not men. i helped those ppl find jobs and a house. there was only one thing i didn't like about that job. i had to be there 24/7 ana man the telephone in case someone called asking if there was room for a mother and her children...anyways thats what i did this weekend. the experience has yet to sink in...
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@PageTurner (2827)
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8 Jul 12
Hello verolop29 That is a very interesting story about you helping the man in the shelter all those years ago, and then bumping into him later and he remembered what you did for him. Glad to hear you had fun on your water adventure. I enjoy doing those things, too, although it's been many years since I've done so. If y'all move to Hawaii you'll have many opportunities for all sorts of water activities. Peace
@verolop29 (1096)
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9 Jul 12
i am always trying to get my husband to move to the island but he doesnt want to. he has his reason, i suppose but that doesn't mean i should give up ;)!!! but he did promice me that if this hob doesn't work out, we will move there and he will take the job..i learned the hard way, counting my chickens before they hatch...so im not going to do that anymore