The Cure: Urine Theraphy

July 9, 2012 5:11am CST
I was browsing the net the other day and I saw this article that sounds awful but as I go through the entire article I found out that urine therapy, yes our very own urine has the capacity to cure almost all disease. It was stated there that one's urine contains element that is specific to one's body alone. And there are studies that proved that the thousands of critical body chemicals and nutrients that end up in urine when re-utilized, these chemicals and nutrients act as natural vaccines, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-carcinogenic as well hormone balancer and allergy relievers.I was wondering if you are in a situation between life and death,and you got no choice but to try urine therapy would you dare to try and overcome your initial gag response for this treatment?
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@sharksfin (1098)
• Philippines
9 Jul 12
How is urine therapy done? Do you need to actually take it into your system? Oh my! Am not sure if I will even consider it should I be in a situation where I need to do it. Maybe if I am already in that situation that I can give a clear cut answer. Geesh!
@grenzy8 (183)
• Philippines
10 Jul 12
I was surprise that my mother in law was doing this after she experienced cva or stroke. She did recovered but I was just curious because aside by doing this kind of therapy she was also undergoing rehabilitative therapy. Maybe it is effective after all.
@o0jopak0o (6406)
• Philippines
9 Jul 12
Urine therapy is more of a placebo affect than a real treatment. Urine contains some of our body's waste which we really do not need that is why they are being disposed off. One good logical question is why does urine cure us if our own body rejects it and flushes it off?