as a student...

July 9, 2012 7:35am CST
We all know that as a student,everything's not as easy as what we think. Here comes the problem in making projects and of couse financial problems, etc. Financial problems,it is amongst the major problems I have and maybe I will always have. What were/ are the problems you encounter as a student and how you manage to overcome them?
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• India
10 Jul 12
I agree with you. Reality lies far away from our thoughts when we are in our student age. I too crossed my school age with a bit of financial problems. But yes, in no way am I making my mother embarrassed . I think and purely feel she did more than enough for her children. Moreover I am also childish in my attitude, due to which I suffered in my upcoming standards. I could not do much with it. Apart from this I accepted to live with this fact,as my badminton coach said," nature and signature should not be changed". To be optimistic on the other hand, I am thankful to find some really adjusting and true friends.
• Philippines
11 Jul 12
At least, you manage to fight the obstacles you had when you were a student. I pray,for real, that i could pass in my course. It is just so hard since I was used to living without even bothering about the household chores or any indoor problems I should say because my mom has always been there during those time. But now, I should be responsible for I study in a far school and I do all things on my own including the budgeting of my money.
@Shazooo (296)
• Malaysia
11 Jul 12
When I was very young, like around six years old, i always wanted to be like a high school or university people looking at movies of how fabulous their life is wth prom and cheer leading and talks by the locker... But now that I have reach that level of education... I totally regret it. Student life is definitely not as easy as it looks. My worst student nightmare would be datelines...tight datelines. They are dreadful because in order to overcome these dreadful deadline, I have to give up my entertainment time and sleeping time...
@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
9 Jul 12
When I was still a student, I think my main problem/concern was having the motivation to study especially during the non-exam periods. I was studying overseas and hence had the total freedom that most students wish for. As I no longer had the control from my parents, I was always tempted to spend most of my time having fun and entertaining myself. Good thing I managed to pass all my exams without having to repeat any part of my course! My second problem was finding a reliable and close friend. I think this is just my individual problem because I think most other students have no problems finding their cliques. I struggled for a while trying to find a close friend, but fortunately I managed to find one eventually.