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July 10, 2012 11:32am CST
In 3 days, the company where i work with will be having a launching of our waste water management plant. During this event, many people will attend and most notably the big shots in the state such as Chief Minister, Infrastructure Minister and various other ministers apart from big and successful businessmen from other companies as well. Since this project is a mega million dollar project and a first in the state, it is our privileged that we were chosen to undertake this project due to our strong financial statement and experience in handling big size projects. What makes me nervous here is that i was chosen to part of the committee for this launching. I really want to make a good impression to impress all those who attend this function. It is like a chance of a lifetime for me to showcase my management skills. How i manage to arrange things around so that there's no glitch or untoward incident. I was also given the task to brief the media and the VIPs about the project and how this system works in ensuring clean waters for household. Almost like being a speaker in a public speaking competition where all important "eyes" is laid on you. Please don't expect me to imagine that "they are naked" like many who gave me that tips. I feel disgusted at the thought of visualizing those people being naked. Hopefully mylotters would be able to provide some useful tips so i would not screw up.
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@Lorden (348)
• South Africa
10 Jul 12
You want to visualize those people naked? Oh no! What kind of pervert are you? I don't think those people are gathering to parttake in any sick fantasies. They're probably there to discuss serious matters. I would just like to wish you very good luck with this! I hope you do show off those management skills, and that people are severely impressed! Just remember, that no matter what you do, you should still be enjoying it.