A Strong Family Bonds..

July 11, 2012 12:58am CST
A close family bond is like a safe harbor were we find refuge. From trusting that someone when pick us up when we fall, as a toddler to someone being there for us as we experience the storms in life. family bond helps us to instill trust and hope in the world around us and belief in ourselves. Rituals of bedtime stories, hugs, holiday and daily meals shared together, provide a sense of warmth structure and safety. This rituals and traditions, not only created memories and leave a family legacy, bur create our first path in thew life-one that is positive.
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@hsofyan (3448)
• Jakarta, Indonesia
11 Jul 12
Yes, I agree with you. The family ties we feel safe and comfortable. For me, sleeping in your own home is more comfortable than sleeping in 5 star hotels. Eat at home more delicious than eating at fancy restaurants. That is because there are family members at home.
@GemmaR (8526)
11 Jul 12
Having a family is something that many people are lucky enough to have, but a lot of people take them for granted and don't bother to think about what would happen if they no longer had their family. I love my family very much, and I have never been the type of person to take them for granted at all. I know that I am lucky to have them, and I would hate to lose any of them as I rely on them during the course of my life to help me through the hard times that nobody else, not even my closest friends, would be able to help me through.
@mensab (4207)
• Philippines
11 Jul 12
it is true that strong family bond is a refuge and support in our lives. for the lack of social security, the family provides the social security we all need when we grow old and get sick. it is our family that we can truly count on. that's why we should love and take care of our own family.
@jpso138 (7868)
• Philippines
11 Jul 12
Well said rogelio. The family is the basic unit of society and with a strong family bond, there is always a big reason that there is success in life. Without someone to lean on to, troubles and failures would be so difficult to overcome and most likely even on the slightest problem, we will be broken.
• India
11 Jul 12
Each and every person is having their own family and having lot of fun and enjoyment with family members. We are working hard for them and praying for their welfare. No one is living in an island and we all have our own family members and have a great bond with them. Our family members are the first person who are staying a long with us from our birth to till our end. They can share our good as well as bad things, they give their hand when we need help and they will enjoy a lot when we are happy. We are sharing a lot of things with our family members starting from food to our worries. They are our blood relations and have more care and affection with us. As we know blood is thicker than water. If we have any problems in our life, our parents have the ability to guess it from our face and try their maximum to solve our issues with their help. The first person who come forward to solve our issue is our family person and we can share most of our personal things with our family person without hesitation. Family bond is like a safe harbor were we find refuge. Our family members will give their shoulder when we are falling down. Without family relationship, it is really hard to live. Our family members playing an important role in our life and we must give more importance to the family bond.