Age doesn't really matter

July 11, 2012 2:54am CST
A husband that has a 14 years younger wife, a friend has an eight years younger boyfriend, A guy that who has a six years older widow girlfriend and an office mate that has a ten years older wife. Above are only examples that age doesn't really matter. What matter most is even you have a long age gap, you are comfortable to each other, treat each other not only as a husband and a wife or a boyfriends and a girfriends but at the same time treating each other as a bestfriends or a partner in every decisions or plan you will make. That you can still mix things up perfectly. Age is not a basis of maturity..Some are old but are not mature enough but the younger does. It is how you found it.
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@jadoixa (1171)
• Philippines
20 Jul 12
me and my ex-partner have a 26-year age difference. for me, i don't see a big difference in an 8 years or 5 years..the age are just closer together..also it all depends on the maturity of the person and how comfortable they are with each other that can make it work and last.
@swissheart (6486)
• Romania
12 Jul 12
as long as they understand each other and care for each other age shouldn't be a difference. but it turns into a problem when the girl is 14 years old for example and the guy is 28
• Waltham, Massachusetts
11 Jul 12
I agree & feel that age is just a number as the saying goes & someone else mentioned previously. Love is not determined by age or many other things that differentiate people. If two people fall in love with each other, they truly don't care about those things and what matters to them is the person's inner and outer beauty. As long as there is an attraction and chemistry between them and they enjoy each others' personalities, they are going to desire being together. Love is too big, powerful, positive, precious, special, & beautiful to be defined by such a small detail. If two people find joy, happiness, respect, trust, comfort, and peace with each other than it a gift meant to be cherished & appreciated. Relationships require work & they're worth it whatever the differences as long as they make you feel good.
@shello (964)
• United Arab Emirates
11 Jul 12
I do agree with you. Age don't have any bearings to a lasting relationship. As long as your happy and you love each other, then everything is fine. When there is love everything will follow. No matter how old is your partner is and you love him and you do understand each other then what could be more important after all.
@GemmaR (8526)
11 Jul 12
I don't think that age really matters in a lot of cases, but the problem lies when the two people are at different stages of their life. For example if one of you is still at University at the age of 22, and the other one is in a full time job looking to buy a house and start a family, then this is something that might be an issue to you because you might not be able to both be happy at the same time. But I guess that you just don't know whether it's going to work out until you try, so there is always the chance to try it and see what happens.
@sriroshan (2586)
• India
11 Jul 12
You are correct age does not matter in any relationship but it is the love and the trust on each other and the confidence on self is the must.
@choybel (5059)
• Philippines
11 Jul 12
Although there is no argument with respect to love, connection, or emotion, I think the problem will arise later on as health related problems start to bother the relationship. There are many who are willing to take this risk but very few could actually surpass it. I believe thought that the bond created and shared between two person in love will help them surpass any obstacle in later years and that no amount of sacrifice will be not worth baring for the person you love. So for the very chosen few, age doesn't really matter.
@leighz (457)
11 Jul 12
There are some people who are more mature because of life experiences. Age is just a number, what important is maturity counts. People meet and decide to stay happy together because they find themselves compatible in any which way. So age it doesn't matter at all.
@succeednow (1636)
• Singapore
11 Jul 12
Hi ellegor, You're right. Age doesn't really matters. However, I think it may not be a good idea if the age difference is too large like 20-30 years. If the bride is so young there may be a huge generation gap and communication can be difficult. Also the chances of the guy going before her is much greater and she will be left a widow at a young age. Not ideal. There are exception of course. Some couples live to a ripe old age enjoying each other's company blissfully for a very long time.
11 Jul 12
That is true in my opinion. I always get on well with friends who are older than me for ten to twenty years. I don't think age is really big problem. The real problem of a relationship is how to communicate with your partners or friends. Even though you don't have an age gap with your partner, it doesn't mean you don't have a mind gap with him/her. The most important thing for a relationship is how to express your feeling and respect the other.
• Malaysia
11 Jul 12
Like they always say, age is just a number. How can two people with a very wide gap in age can be so compatible. Connection between the heart is so strong. The comfort of having each other beats any numbers. The wanting to be next to your partner side all the time. I am 29, my ex was 35 years old. Although we are ex now we had a wild and fun 4 years relationship. It ended in a good way. We're still keeping in touch even though she went miles away from me.
@arizen (152)
• Philippines
11 Jul 12
I agree. It is just the social media that gives emphasis on persons in May-December relationships. The truth is, as long as you two are happy and contented with each other, it doesn't matter. The persons involve will just have to be aware of their true feelings.