Life is like a Roller Coaster

@kiyumi (62)
July 11, 2012 9:50am CST
People living in this world are experiencing happiness, joy, bountifulness and a lot of abundance of life shall we say, but in some moment of life in between of happiness theirs some bitterness that everybody are trying to overcome, we cannot denied that " life is like a roller coaster " there are ups and downs. The moment we feel low and sad we need support from our loving parents, relatives, friends and other people who are near to our heart. And most importantly we need PRAYERS, guidance from God. It is the time that we need the utmost help from GOD. All we need is to ask FATHER how to take look back to the positive side of our lives, how to conquer with our fears and some melancholic moments. The reason why God give some problems that seems very burden to ours lives because He knows that we can overcome with it. After how many weeks, months that u suffered by some heartaches, pains it will turn to a new happy and lively person as YOU become more stronger in dealing your day to day venture in life. Be happy and thankful anyway for what problems that comes in your life as it will be the test how strong you are. How can you stand and give value to your life.
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@nyssa102 (748)
• United States
25 Jul 12
As an artist, I do believe that life is indeed a rollercoaster, and I love most of the emotions that i have and use them for all kinds of things. You can always keep your art fresh if you take advantage of your emotions and life. The sad thing occurs is when people always think that they have to 'fix' themselves. They do not. It's o.k. to feel all kinds of emotions, and that includes the ups and downs of life. However, the best thing to do in life is to see the roller coaster others are on and in a way, help them out with it. It's important to share the ride, I believe. good post :)
@LeeS0902 (67)
11 Jul 12
Very wise words there. I totally agree with it, life certainly is like a roller coaster.