Security For London Olympics 2012

@artemeis (4070)
July 11, 2012 10:26am CST
After hearing the international news this morning, I just cannot help but speak my mind here. I find it disturbing that some UK citizens could be so insensitive to bring the country's Ministry of Defense to court after discovering that their residence has installed with surface-to-air missiles that is to be defend the country as they host the worldwide summer Olympics. I felt that they should not be voicing and the authorities should never let out the news of the proceedings. It just as good as telling the enemies where these locations of these sensitive and effective countermeasures are. It is so sad to see how supportive the people are when it comes to their country's defense against foreign enemies namely terrorists. Out of all this, I believe the defense ministry and military are being equally responsible for not being discreet with their installation. In Beijing, where the last Olympics was staged no one knew where the missile sites were, even after the games had concluded. The locations were never disclosed. I do not know what you may think but matters like this is very important and secrecy should be observed from all sides. While the military should be sensitive, it is important for the locals to be equally supportive and not shrugged when it comes to defend their country. I am sorry, I think the people involved here should be locked up or even have their citizenship revoked for this fiasco. I just do not think they deserve to be citizens if they do not support their country.
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@fannitia (2170)
• Bulgaria
11 Jul 12
The story about the surface-to-air missiles on top of people's flats is an old news. There were many comments in the British media and the Ministry of Defence in London made efforts to explain everything to the citizens. All this show that Great Britain is a free country with freedom of the press and etc. At the other hand all this is just normal security measures, nobody says that the enemy is at the gates of London.
@artemeis (4070)
• China
17 Jul 12
I don't think any enemy would have the word painted literally on their foreheads or 9/11 would have been a foregone positive conclusion. I cannot help feeling the disparity between the people and the government especially the defense ministry. I don't completely blame the people as the military did not perform to their call of duty - professionally. SAMs are very common and I suppose the people also forgot that installation sites will be having more protection details. I do hope the enemy would not be at the gates of London but I do not think we could ever warrant that Munich 72 will not repeat when security is found lacking.