I hear a whistle

@SomeCowgirl (32270)
United States
July 11, 2012 11:28am CST
There is a little whistle that goes off to warn me that I have an instant message from one of my friends. I have this application on my android tablet. However, sometimes I will hear the whistle and I am no where near my tablet. I've heard it while I was even out of the house! I am hard of hearing in one ear because of some sort of blockage, but I can't say which ear I hear this "whistle" out of. I just find it kind of amusing that I can hear the exact same whistle and be nowhere near the tablet. I want to chalk it up to it being some sort of air pressure going through that ear, but it being the exact same whistle as my notification tone for an IM? Hmm... Any thoughts?
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@ilgontae (14)
• Canada
14 Jul 12
There is actually a medical condition where people (mostly teenagers) can feel their phones vibrating when the phone is, in fact, not vibrating at all. It can occur even when the phone is not currently with them. Maybe you have the same problem but with a whistle instead. I'd ask your doctor to see if he has an explanation.