Instagrams? Surely I enjoy it, something i dislike is being rejected /unfollowed

United States
July 11, 2012 3:27pm CST
Hey does any of you use Instagram? If so how do you like it? Just like any social networking tool, do you hate when you get unfollowed or when you try to add someone who has a private profile, that they deny you? Has anyone tried to add anyone or any friends on instagram and finding their facebook friends on instagram and adding them? Did any of them follow you? Did any of them that you tried to follow, deny or reject your request? I guess this my feeling even if its petty thing...Going on with the social networking trend from facebook and now instagram.. I dislike it when among facebook friends that have instagram that when they follow you, and you want to reciprocate the same thing and then after a few days or so, you notice the number of unfollowers going down...and that person who followed you after you upload pics or whatever starts unfollow you. Have you ever get any of those friends that follow you for certain period time and you follow them back and then when you upload pics and stuff, they start unfollowing you? What are your thoughts if a person follows you or any friends that follows you, then starts unfollowing you? And for Adding people friends or following on instagram, what is your thoughts if any of them that have private profile do DENY or REJECT follow request? Anyways let me know your thoughts...sorry i'm kinda eh again worrying about instagram sometimes...just like worrying how losing friends on facebook.. i need to remove that and think who cares about instagram if people don't like me or what nots.
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@muncho15 (136)
• Philippines
12 Jul 12
Well I use instagram sometime when there's a event (Pro Cam) but I really don't like how they use instagram right of now. All they do is take a picture of a certain things make it Instagram and a little text and viola that's how they use instagram now. I don't hate it and stuff, I don't mind being unfollowed or being blocked by it. It's their choice.
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• United States
13 Jul 12
Hey there! that's cool u use instagram sometime. I see you don't reallly like how they use instagram. LOL! I see about being unfollowed or being blocked. eh oh wells.