Novena to St Jude

United States
July 11, 2012 10:59pm CST
Last Sunday at Mass I found a homemade flyer that has a crude version of the Novena to St Jude. The flyer stated that if you said it 5 times a day for 9 day, and placed 9 copies each day back in your church that your intention would be answered on or before the 9th day. This sounded a little like chain mail I used to get in my email frrm time to time. After looking through my files of Novenas, I cam across a Novena to St Jude that only requires it to be said for nine days, like all Novenas. Has anyone came across the "chain" version and used it with success? I have started the one I found in my collection given to me by my godmother. Any one have any luck with that one? dmb1976
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