Nutrients of Daily Needs

July 12, 2012 5:14am CST
In the past, I used to eat under command, under spoon fed. Up to a certain time, I lived and adapt to the outside, feeding on outside food. In time, lack and forgotten what health actually means. To the people of unknown, treasure your health by eating the right food. Fruits, Vegetables and cereals are all good. Know their healing effects and eat them necessarily will do you good. Buy a book or checkout the website to know the content or nutrients of food you eat will soon gain you a better health. I, too, cannot stop eating chips, it is nice and crunchy and tasty.But to a limit its ok. Just to name a few fruits, orange helps to relax, cherry helps to build the brain, grapes help the mentally weak, apples of all kinds helps people from diabetes, constipation, foul mouth and hard arteries. When you are heaty, bite a piece of pineapple. When you are cold, eat some grapes. When you have no strength, eat a banana. When you feel itchy, eat a strawberry. Hope the above helps. Good day! Sincerely from, GoldenSatin.Carol
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• Philippines
22 Jul 12
Nice info about fruits...I like the fact that it help us in our weight loss diet... I suggest that eat also green leafy veggies cause they have important nutrients that aids diseases and repairs tissues like the fruits.
• Singapore
9 Nov 12
Yes, you are right too, greenies are nice too.