July 12, 2012 9:41am CST
Commitment does not mean sticking to a person where you do not have any option. It means keeping a relation to someone even though you have lots of option. True????
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@asliah (11148)
• Philippines
13 Apr 13
for me commitment means you should be loyal to your partner what ever you do or whenever you go,it doesn't mean that you need to stick to that person because its not good because your partner could irritate in that kind of behavior.
@jricky1 (6808)
• China
13 Jul 12
I think this means the two people who are really in love and they care about each other.This is not fixed,but if one is trying to break,then it is completely useless.This depends on actions.
@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
12 Jul 12
Yes i completely agree to your point. Commitment does not mean staying with a person but feeling internally unhappy about that. It means keeping the relationship intact inspite of myriad obstacles and problems.
• Philippines
12 Jul 12
hello,commitment is strong relationship to someone, it means that if you commit to someone you are ready enough to stick to it,its a long term commitment, you need to become more responsible for your decisions to enter in that situation,its not a joke, if your not ready enough to make a commitment don't make any decision that you will regret in the future.
@Paper_Doll (2375)
• Philippines
12 Jul 12
Yes, commitment means you value and prioritize him more than anyone or anything else. It does not mean that you just stay with this person because that is the last option you have. You stay because you love and trust this person. Through this, commitment is formed. Commitment protects relationships/marriages from falling apart. Once you are committed to someone or on to something, you will not easily give up when difficulties arise. But we all know that commitment is not easily achieved. It requires perseverance and many times, we sacrifice ourselves for it. In the long run, some couples may think that commitment is like being trap in a relationship. They would sometimes feel that they are just staying because they feel that it is their obligation. If someone felt that way, he should check and ask himself because he maybe falling out of love.