Are you possessive with your partner in love?

July 13, 2012 11:11am CST
I have a boyfriend who is very possessive. He always accompanies me everywhere I go. He does not let me talk to anyone. He does not let me go shopping alone. When I go to the hairdresser he waits for me outside the saloon. It really irritates me as I have no freedom of my own. What do you think about it?
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@ravi770 (248)
• India
13 Jul 12
hello velentina... this is not a big problem , yes some boys are very possessive with girlfriends because they think his girlfriend will cheat if they are not in touch with her... i suggest you just talk to him and try to make believe him , you are in real love with him and you will not do any wrong thing who break your trust... best of luck...
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• Mauritius
13 Jul 12
You are right. He always believe I am meeting some other man when I am not with him. So he keeps his eyes on me. As For telling him I really love him does not work. So I let him have his way. A relationship must be build in trust...otherwise it can easily break.
@alkemyst (26)
• Canada
21 Aug 12
This is bad. He shouldn't be that possessive. If I were you, I would tell him to stop or leave him.
@Dominique25 (9475)
• United States
15 Jul 12
Sorry to hear that your partner is so possessive. You should talk with him about it. Those are scary signs in a relationship. I would do my best to get out of the relationship but do it when someone else is with you and you are not by yourself.
• Philippines
14 Jul 12
whoa! that's really very irritating no matter how much you have love him. well, have you ever assessed yourself? coz he might not be doing or acting such if nothing triggers him do so. probably, you might have done something wrong that causes him to be very possessive. Or is your boyfriend really possessive even from the start? if yes, then that is something you have to deal with, that is, if you really love him. coz when we accept someone we love as our partner, we accept him as a package where we accept every good and bad thing about him. now, if you really can't stand having a very possessive boyfriend, tell him. make him realize that you accept him for what he is and at the same time you want everything between you and him as acceptable as possible. tell him that neither you nor him is perfect, but you are very much willing to change whatever undesirable attitude you have for the sake of your relationship, but of course he as well should try to change. ask him what he doesn't like about you and tell him too, things you don't like about him. do process the issue, and see how well things will work for the both you.
• United States
14 Jul 12
I believe he is motivated by fear more so than love. Perhaps he does love you, but it's not a real love. For if it were real love, he would allow you to spread your wings and be your own woman. Good luck being chained to him. It's not a life I would want for the woman I love.
@katie0 (5212)
• Japan
13 Jul 12
I think girls should be a little cause there are many girls that don't respect others and go all Angelina Jolie on our partner/boyfriend/husband but there's a limit and one must really work their self esteem when becoming too possessive. I think you must talk about this to him and he is got stop, he can't be annoying you, it's just wrong. You have the right to have your time, he must work his jealoussy cause you done your part: you allowed and tried to let him be with you in many of your business.