Sugestions for a good Christmas party giveaway.

@sharksfin (1098)
July 13, 2012 5:35pm CST
I know it's too early but I just don't want to experience the same hassle I did last year. By the coming month, many preparations will start and I just wanna be ready to give suggestions to the organizers. It's not for a company. It's just for a small group from Church. About 50 members. Yesterday, I went to the mall and ended up in a bookstore. I saw some things I thought would be good yet affordable ones. Customizable key chains, bookmarks, fridge magnets are but some of what I considered. But, I've always had in mind to giveaway t-shirts with pictures of us or something. But, I know this one will really cost us. We'll be contributing for the party expense, by the way. That's another thing we're gonna decide on. So, everything considered please help give suggestions that won't cost us so much. Thankies.
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@ARIES1973 (9530)
• Legaspi, Philippines
13 Jul 12
I would suggest a personalized mug. Well, last year I received a "malong" (a traditional tube skirt) and I like it very much. It is very useful since I have to travel much this time. I can use it as blanket, as a costume and as a bed sheet. It is really very useful. As to the price, well I still have to find out.