I need more information on the Kindle Fire

United States
July 13, 2012 11:46pm CST
I really want to get on but I am running inot some issues which maybe some of you Mylotters can answer. I know it costs $199.00. I want to buy it to play games on it for starters. I was told I can't play my Facebook games on there! Like FArmville and Castleville! Then I haard I need to get a different server then my home pc has for the Kindle! I go through my cable company for that. I am so confused and frustrated! Can someone help me out?
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• United States
14 Jul 12
My friend's boyfriend just got her a Kindle Fire and I can tell you she LOVES it! She told me that she uses it so much the screen is full of her fingerprints! Haha. I know she told me she gets internet on it, and if I had to guess I would say you can probably play Facebook games. My friend plays a lot of those Facebook games, and I think if she wasn't able to use the Fire for them she would have told me about it. Where did you her that you can't play those games?
• United States
16 Jul 12
My dork head friend,Chris,who has tried to convince me to buy a brand new computer,for months told me I can't play Facebook games on Kindle fire! He told me that is what he had heard! So this why I wanted to know about Kindle Fire!
• United States
17 Jul 12
Ooo so you're kind of hearing that rumor through the grapevine! If you want a real, trustworthy answer to your question about the Facebook apps you could always call up Best Buy, talk to one of the tech guys there, and I'm sure SOMEONE could tell you whether or not FB Apps are playable on the Kindle Fire.
@MsTickle (24994)
• Australia
20 Jul 12
I think you need an Android Tablet to play your FB games.