Time Experiment To Go Haywire- Some Seroius Satire (or is it?)

United States
July 14, 2012 1:48am CST
I have read alot into the research of time travel, the escapades of the governments and the secret projects warping time and transforming matter into a twisted abhoration of human minds melded into netals and dimensions crossed over with ours. I have read about LSD experiments on the lowly and the homeless, the children and the drug addicts. I have read about the first attempts to read the wormhole and people being sent into the future, lost in disruptions when the experiments backfired. According to several sources flourishing abound on the net and in the libraries relating to the Phoenix Projects, thousands and thousands were kidnapped ,exploited,tortured and forced to move forward in time. being dropped off in the years way ahead of the day, like, NOW! What caught my attention is the documented resources that suggest that, at a certain date, they can not see through the wornholes. It is approaching rapidly and I wonder if they sent some of these tortured victims into our present day(or soon to be present day). Could the Zombie appocolypes be true and we never saw it coming even though it is being hammered into our heads left and right in the movies, on videos and in music? WHy all the propoganda? I seem to have been feeling this buzz for a while now, and it says there are ZOMBIES on the way. Think about it. What would you do if 10,000 mutant Zombies just popped out of nowhere, dazed and confused as to where they were and totally soulless from time traveling into our day and age. Wouldn't that be insane? I wonder what the outcomes of these experiments will be if they could not see past December 21, which I am sure they were exploring as the end date to dump these 10.000 and some tortured and mutilated bodies that they could not just let be found in the day of such attrocity. Wait until the truth about the governements and the experiments hits the fan in the form of transported matter. There will be some deep doo doo to wade through for those who are behund the ZOMBIE project. Note: A phoenix dies in the fire and arises again from the ashes to become a new phoenix. I wonder if they were trying to do this to humans? What is a Zombie anyways, just the opposite? So what if out of the blue, some people from the 40's and 50's just appeared out of nowhere? What if they were alive but followed by those that tortured them who were the real Zombies? Are you ready for the sonic thunder? ARe you one of the ones waiting to get a piece of he Jeckyl and Hyde frankenstines(those who were assassins and serial killers) or the poor tortured average Joe Zombie who was delivered here as a warning? I say shoot anything that eats brains when Zombie hell breaks loose! I have to add, that this is not even funny unless you think about it. If it were true, the Zombie Hunters would prevail, wouldn't they? (I intended here to make light of the possible outcomes and karma for penetrating the matrix to do TIME TRAVELING and STEALTH experimnets). Party on, God Lives. watch you back for Zombies!
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• Kochi, India
14 Jul 12
Zombie is a western concept.They can't do anything to us..we live in the east,thus invulnerable to zombie.Even if they came here,I'll use some hoodoos voodoos to sent them to the place they came from 'west'. But you are sayin that they can regenerate and replenish..wow thats just scary thought. If my tantra mantra didn't work then I will act like a zomB and move with them.Hows is my great idea
• United States
15 Jul 12
Indian Zombies, now that is a new concept. HoodooVoodooo is what I aim to do if they come near me.
• Kochi, India
18 Jul 12
The Final Avatar 'The Apocalyptic Horse Rider' Shri Hari Kalki Maithreyas has already taken birth,he will save us from all evils.He will slay all the bad people and 'zombies'.Its written in the book.so don't worry people,we will all be saved.