What are the ways?

@kiyumi (62)
July 14, 2012 8:00pm CST
Money is important in day to day living. And I want to know how to earn money in good ways of course. I'm already here in mylot and patiently waiting everyday that my earning will increase haha of course it will depends on the effort that i allotted for this site on how my earning will grow high. But aside from mylot I want to know further what are the ways on how to come up with good money.
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@512771751 (1096)
• China
31 Jul 12
Dear friend kiyumi, I don't think we can earn more money from mylot. But we can make friends and express ourselves. But it is so slow to make money on mylot.
@pringu (151)
• India
16 Jul 12
Hi kiyumi, Ways by which one makes money cud be several, but as you said, earning money in the right manner needs to have some sincere effort from the inner self. If you ask me the way in which i wud like to make money, is, by trading stocks. In my opinion, stock trading has got enormous potential to help make you big bucks, provided u have got some know-how's and a keen interest to play and deal with numbers( money).
• China
16 Jul 12
In my opinion, money is not the most important part in our life, wo should do what we really like, of course ,we'll be very happy if we can earn more money!
• Bangladesh
15 Jul 12
Better you should gather a lot of referrals if you want a decent earning. Just call your web friends to enter your mylot link. Its very easy to earn a lot if things happens like so and so easy.
@asyria51 (2870)
• United States
15 Jul 12
look for what there is a need for in your area. Are there lots of pets, you can offer a pooper scooper service, or a pet walking business? As for online, finding several sites that are reputable, for your specific area, and that pay out regularly is important. Do not over extend and try to do every site, because you will just get frustrated. I stick to about 6 sites regularly, mylot being one of them.
@wittynet (4008)
• Philippines
15 Jul 12
Having a full time job will really help you a lot to earn and save more. It's not just about earnings. You also need to know the proper ways on how to handle your money and how to double or triple its value by engaging in a business. Like other earning sites, myLot can only give you extra income. Even if you post here 10 hours a day, you can't earn more than enough than you can from a full time job.