American psychos, Do they have enough of life?

United States
July 15, 2012 1:57pm CST
Lately from news, tragic seems endless, and people behave the ways that seems self - destructive, or they already have enough with lives. That is base on my self analysis on their psychology, and I am not expert at all. A man pay a surprise visit his 3 daughters, from 8 - 11 years old. Later on that day, he called his wife that she can come pick them up, because he already killed them three all. The mother was scared and instantly call the police. When she got home, the 3 little girls were found dead in a bed covered by a sheet. Their fatal injuries were found on the neck. This man didn't say anything when was questioning. How could a father would do something like that to his three little "Angels"? Another one is a man already develop a plan to kill his family for more than a year. He secretly has his own hiding place in a wood, and shot his own video how to make this plan work. He kill his wife and his teenage daughter. After hiding in a house in the wood for sometime, he kill himself. On this video, he said that he won't afraid the authority would find him, because he is not afraid to kill himself any time. Another psycho who won't afraid of die. With those examples above, we might have enough psychos living among us, and obviously they are self - destructive type, and they are willing to kill their own and drag their families along with them. How they can be saved or helped?
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@NailTech (6890)
• United States
15 Jul 12
I know what you mean, I get so tired of hearing about this kind of news. Unfortunately they won't get self help and just continue to self destruct and be a danger to their families, nothing can be done about it. They should just take themselves and sign up for therapy before doing such a thing, and perhaps the therapist could help them. It would prevent so much catastrophe but if they are phychotic in the first place they probably don't even believe a therapist could help them, and just do what they think they need to do. It's tragic. There are all kinds out there. Surely you'd think when a female marries a man like this there are signs but not always.