Do homeschooled children have hampered social skills?

@mayakup (1309)
United States
November 21, 2006 3:24pm CST
Just reading this question I would say yes. But I know some kids that are homeschooled and they seem just fine. I dunno..will it be wierd for them to go to college in the real world? Will problems start then?
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23 Nov 06
I don't consider socialization to be sitting in a classroom all day facing the blackboard with a bunch of kids all your same age. As far as college, I know a lot of kids who have done fine and a few that even went to Ivy League schools.
• United States
21 Nov 06
I would be very interested to hear people's responses to this as well. My kids are not of schooling age yet, but we're very strongly considering homeschool when it comes time to decide. We're unhappy with the direction public school seems to have taken, and we definitely cannot afford private school. But we too are concerned with the social skills that must be developed at crucial ages. We already have our kids involved in church, and intend to get them involved in other activities like sports and extracurricular classes, but I actually have no idea how important going to school everyday is. My best friend growing up was homeschooled until second grade, and that seemed to work out well for her and all of her five siblings.