Anime: Bad or Good Influence? (How it affected my life)

July 16, 2012 4:48am CST
My addiction to Anime started when I was 14. Ranma 1/2 was the first anime I watched and it made an impact to me. From then I got crazy with Anime like Samurai X, Ayashi no Ceres, Legend of the Condor Hero, Ghost Fighter and a lot more. I had lots of unhealthy sleepless nights due to anime marathon and it affected my studies a bit. But I was happy. Feeling light. Inspired always! Then I wanted to learn their language: Nippongo and travel to Japan. Right now this is my dream and i know this will be realized.
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@Otanetix (509)
• United States
27 Aug 12
For me, anime has been a huge influence in my life; it has shaped my identity. While many people might see my interest for anime as an obsession, I see my interest as a lifestyle. Going to conventions and taking pictures of cosplayers is one way I show my appreciation for anime. In addition, I also have met people who share my interests in school and at conventions. Despite what non-enthusiasts think of us, I am proud to be an anime enthusiast or 'otaku'. Although I watched Pokemon and Dragonball Z in my early youth, it wasn't until around 11 years old where I pursued my interest; if it were not for my cousins, I would have strayed from the path of an otaku long ago. I have no regrets becoming an otaku. Along the way, I have watched numerous titles, read several Japanese comics or 'manga', and even learned the fundamentals of the Japanese language. In my opinion, anime has been a good influence; it not only propelled my drive to learn about another culture, but it gave me a goal. To this day, my goal is to either reside/work in Japan or work for a Japanese company.
• India
27 Jul 12
My first anime was Naruto. Then it started like wildfire for me!!! Still addicted to it. I'm the only one in my friend circle to be an otaku, my friends don't understand that. Anime in one's life is both good & bad influence, i guess it depends on how they take it. It is awesome on so many levels & bad if addicted!! But whatever the case we love it!!!
• Liechtenstein
26 Jul 12
My interest in manga and anime started when I was around 13 or 14 but I was never obsessed. But now my interest completely decreased (although I still read some manga and watch some anime but only good ones that are worth my time). But as for traveling to Japan, that is something I don't feel like doing same goes with learning Japanese.
@se7enthbird (8327)
• Philippines
16 Jul 12
It still depends on the people itself though. I am a fan of anime and i really influenced my daughter. She loves anime too because of me and like you she had sleepless nights too. But you know i told her to know her limitations. She is doing that every friday and saturday, like she sleeps six in the morning because i want her to be able to focus when schooldays came. She is now a model in cosplay and like you she is inspiring to go to Japan one day. Language is easy since my wife works in a souvenir shop in hotel in japan [em]happy[/em}] Watching and being inspired because of anime is not a bad thing but we must know time management and most importantly, our limitations
@Raine38 (9193)
• United States
16 Jul 12
Too much of anything will always have bad effects; everything should be taken in moderation. (Coming from an anime addict like me, lol!) My addiction to anime started when I was in 6th grade; and until now I'm still fascinated with it and watch my favorite ones but my addiction has been cured. I still love InuYasha, YuYU Hakusho, Samurai X, Dragon Ball, and the new ones like Fairy Tail and Naruto. Like you, because of the influence of these anime, I began to be interested with Japan, especially feudal Japan and to learn basic Japanese. (I even remember dating a Japanese guy when I was assigned to work overseas because of these animes lol!)
@muncho15 (136)
• Philippines
16 Jul 12
well they are also good and bad influence, well just like you said i also do that anime marathon and didn't sleep for a week or so just to watch my favorite anime(e.g Code Geass, KissxSis, and so on) still just keep balance your time so that you wouldn't fail to your studies. the good influence is that you can learn more and have fun when you are watching, also you can get friends with with same interest and you can always start a conversation with others.