Facebook face-palmers

@Raine38 (9195)
United States
July 16, 2012 5:37am CST
We all have them! Those friends whose facebook posts or statuses that makes you question yourself why the heck you still live in this planet (LOL!) Thank goodness for block, unfriend, or unsubscribe if you cannot entirely erase that person from your list My news feed is always updated with friends who constantly check in to posh places whenever they went to (or just happen to pass by) these places. Not to mention uploading pictures of their new gadgets with words of thanks to the giver, who just happen to be living with them. WTH? So, how about you? What have you encountered so far?
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@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
16 Jul 12
I'm a calm person in this way, nothing really can anger me so much. So I don't feel the need to unfriend people. But there are some friends who are sometimes acting so dumb and rude on facebook that I ask how people like this can exist :D, but I laugh about their low-lifeness and overall stupidity. Last time a girl was having a tirada against gay guys just because one gay guy was hitting on his boyfriend. Girl, it's not like it's written on the guy that "Reserved for Julie" (fake name here), and that gay guy isn't a psychic to know immediately that the guy he likes is a hetero and has a girlfriend... I don't know why she took it as a personal insult. And then, or a whole day, anti.gay pics and jokes all around my newsfeed... Not to talk about those soccer/football-fanatic guys who are in principle huuuuge friends, but when it's soccer season, and they cheer for opposite teams, after a match they can talk so rude to each other, badmouthing everyone from their friend to the referee and the footballers and argue about whether which team was better, and how the match was rigged... it's just curse after curse... someone needs to weash their mouthes with soap. Oh, and there was this guy, who got fed up with everyone's obsession with my country's X Factor and he told that we are stupid for watching this and it's rigged and how it makes people dumb to watch this... and months later he's talking about who did what in a local Big Brother-like lowlife reality show? What? You think X-Factor is for dummies, and then you watch and love a reality show about exchitionistic and narcistic, but dumb as hell people living together and arguing about pointless things??? People can be so dumb.
@Raine38 (9195)
• United States
16 Jul 12
I feel for you, your eyes must have been watery with all the abuse you're reading on your news feed! I"m also the type who doesn't particularly like to get on the whole issue and start drama for all people to see. And oh, this just in, I have at least 4 women on my list who are constantly having this battle with an unknown entity over facebook, spouting off all insults and every cuss words that even a truck driver would be put to shame (no offense meant, my dad is a retired truck driver so I have nothing against these guys). Seriously. I'm sure that this is far off better than banging things and throwing stuff around hurting people physically, but seriously, on Facebook? I can't help they are just either too chicken to address their issues the mature way, or, they are just plain, old, attention-seeking who...oooopss, I mean walruses LOL! Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I'm all righteous here but to be honest, my Facebook is filled with nothing but messages. I don't post pictures of where I live, what I have, what I eat everyday. Just something that isn't really news worthy. (I did announce that I got married, LOL!) I do not delete people unless I have a good reason for doing so. It's always good to keep in touch but sometimes we can't help if people just go overboard with the sharing thing.