Authority and responsibility

@didi13 (2927)
July 16, 2012 7:31am CST
I increasingly feel that there are no real authority anywhere and, consequently, no liability over. People do what they do as much as someone sitting watching them, so try to avoid some inconvenience or such sanctions, and then go lightly on. Available from our children, we listen only as long as strictly supervise and to our colleagues who, every time you do not have an extra motivation, do not really feel responsible job. But I believe there is no excuse for the sloppy job in any field. That either do or not do something, and half measures are not only compromise you not only work but also reputation. I like people who can wield the authority and able to assume a responsibility to end, without complaint on the way that they did not even thing, because they were underpaid during this time or they in fact, do not feel loved enough. But all around, found that are less and less ... How do we find us a real measure of dignity and authority? How to be, to succeed in everything given to us to do?
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@thesids (22351)
• Bhubaneswar, India
16 Jul 12
There is no such thing as dignity. It is how we are trained to see things. We are told not to steal - but that stealing seems the only way out when you have no job, and are hungry for days together. So I dont buy the dignity thing. For the authority, some will always have the controlling powers and these would be the authority people. Good or bad, doesnt count here. They are into the authority because people like you and I do not have the capacity or even a flair to have authority with us. To succeed in everything again is not possible in todays world - you can be a jack of all trades but never a master of all trades. You can excel only in a limited few things - if you have the vision and are in capacity to do your efforts to succeed.