Do you take diet pills to lose weight?

July 16, 2012 11:42am CST
I have grown a little fat since I went through a surgery. I tried a lot of methods to get my normal weight but was unable to succeed. I even tried diet pills which was a lost of money and time. I exercise, go for walk or jogging, following a diet, but none of these are helping me to lose weight. Share your experiences please!
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• Philippines
21 Sep 12
I am not a fan of diet pills because I am scared of the side effects they might impose to my health. I reduce weight by cutting on my rice and carbohydrates intake. I also do a lot of exercise like brisk walking in the morning and afternoon. I believe that self discipline is the most important key if one wants to reduce weight.
• India
29 Aug 12
you dont have to use diet pills follow some regular excercises.
@lkbiswas (18)
• Asansol, India
27 Aug 12
Diet pills not necessary for wight because,next time maybe our body efact.So,our should best for wight-loss physically some work,which our body to best.
@srk199 (5)
16 Aug 12
No , I never use any Diet pills. Because it not a good way to lose my weight.
@CTHanum (8254)
• Malaysia
27 Jul 12
Nope. I don't have to do this as I don't have any weight problem. I have seen some people thy took diet pills some were well-succeed while the others are not. It depends. Different person will get different results. You may go and seek advice from the expert if none of the ways did not work.
@sbucu57 (55)
• Philippines
17 Jul 12
Diet pills for me will not help one loose weight as there are side effects that go with it. My suggestion is if you are really focused on loosing weight to keep track on it. Have a notebook on how often you eat, what you eat, how often you exercise.Then try weighing yourself once a month. I am about to turn 44 this October, I am 5'1" and weigh 127 lbs and this is my heaviest. I found out that I am still overweight while others observed I am not. I walk a lot, use the stairs instead of the elevator, join an aerobics group twice a week, then jog as well. My weight had not changed since March of this year. Others told me it is because of the muscles I started having since I started running. If Fun Runs are a fad in your country then try joining one. It is better than spending money on diet pills. In fun runs, you can run at your own pace, even get to bond with family and friends. Plus you also get to help other people as fun runs usually pool funds for a cause. Hope this help. Good luck !
@jenyenh (205)
• Maldives
17 Jul 12
Diet pills doesnt sound right to my ears. If you want to lose weight it is a matter of discipline. You have to want it enough to put up with getting up early for a run, dumping junk foods, eat on time, go to the gym regularly...the long road to weight loss. But hey, there is a short cut. Get yourself a brazilian coffee and you lose weight in 7 days, I am not fat but when I gain a little extra weight I just take 3-5 days coffee and im back to my old self. Goodluck!
@doroffee (4230)
• Hungary
17 Jul 12
I've never had too much luck with diets, but I would never ever try a diet pills. Who knows that they pet inside and how that's gonna affect my body... my health is more important for me than looking skinny.
@sender621 (14956)
• United States
17 Jul 12
I have never taken diet pills tp lose weight but I do people that have. I have seen them quixkly take the weight off and be very happy with it. then i have seen the wiright come back on just as quickly and frustration starts all over again.
• United States
16 Jul 12
It sounds to me like you are doing every thing right. If you are not shrinking (not just #s on the scale), then it might be time to see a doctor. In answer to your question about diet pills, I am not currently taking anything, but have had success with Skinny Body Care in the past. I have seen Dr. Oz talking about Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean extract tablets, which surprised me to see him promoting such a thing. I've thought about giving it a try, just to kick start things as I have recently put some weight back on I want to get rid of.
@emdjay23 (1575)
• Philippines
16 Jul 12
I also came from a major surgery before, and before this my waist were only 29 inches.. but now I am somehow everyone in our neighbor were really surprised of my weight.. so I've decided since then to loose some weight, I took as many pills but then nothings changed.. I've tried exercising, and food discipline but still nothing works..Now, I'm just doing walking in the morning.. I don't know how to lose these waist..:(
• Malaysia
16 Jul 12
You wanted to lose weight or you wanted to lose body fat. You have to understand the difference between those two. Losing weight means you want to lose fat, water and even muscles to the point of where you think it is a healthy weight for you. Losing body fat doesn't mean you will lose your lbs or kgs, in fact you may add more weight instead. Anyway, you said you tried pills, exercises an dieting but it didn't work, how about go for a thyroid check up to see if your hormone is balanced and okay. I have a friend who has this thyroid problem and have been taking hormones pills to balance her hormone. What happened to her was no matter how much she diets and exercise, her weight and fat never seems to go away. Another friend of mine, is the opposite, no matter how much she eats, she doesn't go fat or heavier. A diet tips, eat more protein, green tea, capsicum (bell peppers).These item are thermogenic which means to say they are "hot" which helps in burn fat. Reduce trans fat,saturated fat and replace with monounsaturated fat or those that gives you those omega 3. Fish oil and flaxseed oil are the best.