Are the Houston Rockets the stupidest team in the NBA?

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July 16, 2012 6:24pm CST
Are the Houston Rockets the stupidest team in the NBA? The Houston Rockets have been falling on hard times ever since Hakeem Oluwon retired from another team. That move was bad because they proved they were not loyal. But it went down hill after that. They spent alot of energy on Yao Ming but did not invest in building a back up. But after that they got worse. The latest moves are crazy. To not invest in Goran Dragic and loose him for nothing. Then to amenesty their best and most loyal player Louis Scolia and then to cry trying to get Jeremy Lin and then ultra baby Dwight Howard proves they know nothing about basketball. You must build chemistry to win the Celtics prove that positively while the Knicks prove that negatively.
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26 Jul 12
I agree completely. I also think the Lakers have to get a bit smarter. We need to trade Gasol/Bynum for Howard. Maybe even both for Howard and an average player/first round draft pick. If we can trade them both for a bench player, Hill can come and be a starter. He would definitely be able to fill the position. Look at all those double doubles? Bynum and Gasol are very inconsistent, especially Gasol. But we can use them as good trade chips.
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26 Jul 12
Steel The Lakers can get away with trading Bynum, World Peace and two number 1s for Howard and thats a good trade that would help orlando also. Bynum is still a good player. As far as the Rockets does anyone think of team of jeremy Lin, jeremy lamb rookie Chandler parsons, The new foreigner who played in the summer league and omar asik will win 40 games. No chemistry and not enough talent. Is there a stupidier thing they could have done besides waving their best and most loyal player Lois Scola watch what he does in phoenix they will make the playoffs. The clowns at the Rockets are destroying what Rick ideleman built which was a team that would fight but needed better talent now they have no chemistry or talent. Dragic was way better than Jeremy Lin.
@ranger07 (555)
20 Jul 12
I honestly have no idea. I do not keep up with their team.