fight and believe

July 16, 2012 8:18pm CST
if a children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages.then maybe we can learn from them.when you think about it,what other choice is there but to hope?we have two options,medically and emotionally: to give up or to fight.yes, anyone can give's the easiest thing in the world to do.but bare in mind that anything is possible, u just have to believe and have to fight for it.
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• China
17 Jul 12
Yes anyone can give up,it's the easiest thing in the world.As for me,I really want to give up my current job,I under a great deal of pressure everyday,the work is so tough for me,I really feel tired and want to find a better new job.But if I do so,I will not get enough experience of my career and I will be into a vicious circle,so in a sensible way,I should stay at this company and get more experience,so meanwhile I really feel so tired,so what should I do?
17 Jul 12
try to love your job even under should get more experience with your job for you to have more knowledge about it. remember, you can't get the 2nd step without taking the 1st step. just like you can't find a better job than that if you do not have enough experience. do your best and try to enjoy working.
@ranger07 (555)
17 Jul 12
I agree. It can be very tiresome but we can never give up. When we give up, everything crumbles. When you work and try hard, good things will eventually come out of it.